Doctor fired after administering leftover COVID-19 vaccine speaks out: 'Mind-blowingly unexpected'


Dr. Hasan Gokal, who was fired and charged with theft after administering some leftover COVID-19 vaccines, is speaking out.

He thought he was doing the right thing by administering them to those who were eligible and figured that it was better than letting them go to waste amid the grim realities of the pandemic, but the The Harris County Public Health Office didn’t see it the way.

Gokal, who worked as Texas' Harris County Public Health Department emergency response physician for the Office of Preparedness and was the medical director for the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, told CBS News that he was in “absolute complete utter shock” at the agency’s response.

He added that their reaction to his decision was “mind-blowingly unexpected.”

The event occurred back in December 2020.

Following a vaccination event, Gokal had 10 doses of the Moderna vaccine leftover.

With a six-hour time limit on the doses, the Pakistanian doctor refused to throw them away and decided to administer them to those who were eligible.

When he couldn’t locate any event workers or emergency responders, he called the Harris County public health officials and got approval to give the doses to those in the next tier.

"This is a 5 million person county and we had the first 3,000 thousand doses. There was no room for throwing any of it out. Ever," he said. "When you have something so precious, life-saving, it would hurt you to throw it away."

He explained that since this was the first wave of vaccinations, there were no protocol’s from the country.

"They did not exist. This was a new scenario ... You don't have a precedence of this," he explained.

However, his understanding was that “we don't want any doses wasted. Period."

He sought out those that met the vaccine requirements un