A 'Beast' of a movie to watch! Plus a Beast Bonus!

Man vs. Beast vs Beauty & Beast
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There's a photo that is trending called 'What's for dessert?' It fits perfect with a movie I just saw ...

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Photo credit Matteo Lanna GettyImages-

It's called 'Beast' (Netflix) with Idris Elba with my Honey Ted over the weekend. The theme is Man vs Beast (LION) with tons of subthemes that touch highly on the environment. Also what we as humans are doing to animals to turn them into beasts. If you watch it, take the time to watch the extras how they made the movie. It's interesting how it was filmed. Real lions were not used, but you would never know it.

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It's a 'BEAST' of a movie for sure. Scary, maddening, sad and more emotions this movie puts out there in our scary universe. It's really frightening that it mirrors alot of reality. Watch it and see what you think. Just a heads up! It's probably a bit too much for small kiddos. There's a reason it's called 'BEAST'!

A 'Beast Bonus' popped up during Paris Fashion Week with Kylie Jenner ...
Kylie being the Beauty in @danielroseberry and @schiaparell with a faux handmade with manmade materials lion's head. Representing the 'Beauty of the Beast' creating awareness against trophy hunters. Are you buying it?

Looks like the biggest BEAST at the fashion show could be the unspoken one between Kylie and Doja Cat. That looks to be another Beast of a story ...

Featured Image Photo Credit: Matteo Lanna GettyImages