ACL Festival is much GREENER with Austin Parks Foundation

APF is expanding this year
Photo credit APF Rock & Recycle ACL Fest 2021 / by Heather Rivera

Happy 30th to the Austin Parks Foundation. It's all about the celebration of People and Parks. APF will be making the ACL Music Festival 2022 in Zilker Park even greener by Rockin' the 3 Rs: reducing, reusing and recycling!

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Austin Parks Foundation presents at ACL Festival ...
Rock & Recycle! ACL Festival goers are encouraged to pick up a bag of recyclables from the grounds in exchange for a specially designed ACL Fest line-up tee.

Divert It! Volunteers will encourage and educate fans helping them with compost, recycle and keep less waste out of landfills.

Water Refill Stations! ACL Festival goers are encouraged to bring a reusable water bottle that can be filled at refill stations. Help reduce waste.

APF is expanding its role at ACL Fest and opportunities to volunteer at 'Austin Kiddie Limits', 'Greeters', 'Media Team', Volunteer HQ', and 'Backup'. Volunteers get to enjoy ACL Fest before and after their shift during both weekends of Oct 7 & 1 4. 18 & up! Volunteer applications are being taken.

Featured Image Photo Credit: APF Rock & Recycle ACL Fest 2021 / by Heather Rivera