Happy America Recycles Day! Thanks to Texas!

It's 1Thing we can do together!
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In 1994, Texas Recycles Day started, which inspired the rest of the nation to follow in 1999! I love learning new things each day. Thanks Austin.com!

Recycling tends to have a learning curve with most. Trying to figure out what you can and can't toss in the recycle bin. Where to take things that aren't the typical recycling items, and more. Here are some tips that will be helpful when it comes to recycling to celebrate today ... America Recycles Day (11/15)! You wll also be able to make everyday a Recycling Day! We all do 1Thing, Together, millions of things will help make Austin , Central Texas, Texas ... America and beyond a better place!

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Tip #1
Don't bag recyclable items. Leave them loose! Bagging causes contamination.

Tip #2
Items you CAN RECYCLE:
Paper: glossy paper, junk mail, envelopes, catalogs, magazines, newspapers & non-foil wrapping paper

Boxes & Cardboard: cardboard, toilet paper and paper towel rolls & boxes

Metals: steel and tin cans, aluminum foil baking pans & aluminum foil

Hard Plastics: water & soda bottles, jars and tubs, non battery toys, buckets and baskets & lawn chairs

Tip #3

Plastic film and bags. styrofoam, water hoses, textiles, wood, medical waste (syringes and sharp containers) and light bulbs, string of lights and electrical cords.

Tip #4
Plastic bags, wrap and other stretchy packaging can go to the recycle and reuse center. Or take them to retail stores to be recycled. You can schedule an appointment to drop off hard-to-recycle things at Recycle & Reuse Drop-off Center

Tip #5
Not sure what to do with an item. Get help from the 'Austin Recycles' app or the website tool What to do with ... Google play Apple

Hey Y'all! Let's make everyday a recycling kind of day in ATX!

Featured Image Photo Credit: Evgeny Gromov / Getty Images