Look what Cinnamon can do for your hair!

Good for You and Mama Earth!
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Summer fun usually leaves 'Summer Hair'. Hair that goes from Sunkissed
to faded and dried out. Rather than jumping on the chemical train of products, go the natural route to a healthier scalp and hair. Thanks to Cinnamon!

Here are 5 hair care benefits of Cinnamon. It's used for way more than just baking. Be sure to grab the Cinnamon Oil Recipe to start enjoying the benefits!

1 Prevents hair loss
Cinnamon is loaded with antifungal properties that helps stop dandruff. (2013 study). It also has polyphenols that act as natural antioxidants that help control / curb hair loss.

2 Helps fight lice!
Cinnamon essential oil, 2-3 drops added to your shampoo and washing your hair at least 3 times a week gives the best results kicking the lice off of the hair!

3 Say bye-bye to split ends
Cinnamon oil works well, because the scalp quickly absorbs it. It can soothe a dry scalp and repair damaged hair to prevent split ends.

4 Prevents hair damage
Environment stressors and harmful UV rays can damage your hair. Cinnamon has anti-flammotry, antioxidant and antifungal properties that protect the hair and scalp from major damage, irritation and inflammation.

5 Improves hair growth and thickness
Cinnamon essential oil mixed with regular oil helps with hair growth. When your scalp is massaged, the cinnamldehyde in the essetial olis of cinnamon helps stimulate the blood flow to your scalp. Scalp massages can be great for relaxation and relieveing stress. Double 1Thing Win!

Cinnamon Oil recipes:
On heat:
Take a cup of coconut oil and melt it using the double boil method. Take off the heat, and add about 10 drops of essential cinnamon oil. Cool. Store in a glass jar.

By Sunlight:
Pack cinnamon sticks in a clean glass jar. Pour your favorite oil .. almond... jojoba.. coconut ... until the sticks are completely covered. Close the air tight lid and place it in the sunlight for at least 3 weeks. Strain, jar it and use

Cinnamon use for your hair
- Warm the oil before using
- Apply the oil by small sections from the scalp to the tip of your hair.
- Massage the oil for 5 minutes in the scalp to help boost blood flow and hair growth
- Leave it on for 15 minutes
- Wrap your hair in a hot towel to trap in moisture
- Wash your hair with warm water using a sulfate -free shampoo and conditioner

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