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Do 1Thing Together for America Recycles Day!
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Did you know that America Recycles Day got it's start as Texas Recycles Day in 1994? More states joined in on the recycling love creating America Recycles Day on November 15! A day with a mission to help educate and motivate current and future recyclers towards bigger and better ways to recycle.

Austin Resource Recovery is encouraging everyone in Austin to download the Austin Recyles app. You will have the tools and resources needed to make recycling easier, better and bigger! It includes the ' What Do I Do With ...' tool so you know what accepted materials go in the blue cart. Or for hard-to-recycle items you can schedule an appointment to drop them off at the Recycle and Reuse Drop-off Center. Find out more and get the app!

Inspiration to Do 1Thing! Recycle ATX!

Recycling is 1Thing we can do together! Working Austin towards the goal of Zero Waste! Spread the word! Let's do 1Thing together! Download the Austin Recycles app! Make it Austin Recycles Day ... Everyday!

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