Selena Gomez explains why it's important to befriend your inner-critic

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Selena Gomez
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On a brand new episode of On Purpose with Jay ShettySelena Gomez joined Jay to delve into her inner thoughts on topics such as dealing with pressure of being a celebrity and the gossip that comes with it, finding self healing, embracing change, being one with your inner self, and living day by day being content, kind, and full of love to share. Selena also tells her story about her long battle with mental health and how this led to her life mission to help spread mental health awareness around the world and provide mental health services for the less privileged.

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Selena Gomez ON: Befriending Your Inner-Critic & How to Speak to Yourself With More Compassion
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When discussing having depression and detailing her personal journey from “inner-critic” to “inner-friend,” Selena revealed that it came about when she decided to treat her diagnosis like a friend she needed to get to know, as opposed to a difficult obstacle she needed to deal with.

“Once you say ‘okay I’m dealing with depression,’ then find out everything about what that means. And when you have a relationship with depression as opposed to allowing it to keep sinking inside of you, it’s a little bit more freeing,” Selena admitted.

“To understand yourself better… I wanna know what triggers me, I wanna know why I get depressed, and start asking yourself questions to open up yourself, instead of y’know,” which Gomez admitted is “easier said than done,” but “instead of keeping it in, I find that the biggest rewards is letting it go.”

Referencing a lesson her mother taught her in her youth — “if you’re afraid of something learn more about it,” which Selena now applies to depression and different things in her life. Gomez pointed out that her favorite quote from her recently released documentary supports that notion well — “ I have bipolar, I learn how to live with it, and I’ve just made it my friend.”

Selena also went on to share, “to be honest I’ve been to four treatment centers,” and because of that she’s formed her opinions on “what works and what doesn’t.” And while admittedly there’s “a lot that I don’t agree with,” Selena did concede that “learning behavior through dialectical behavior therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy — there’s something that’s always been embedded in me throughout all of those different moments in my life, and that was always to recognize when something was happening to me, accepting it.”

“I think once I realized that this was something that wasn’t gonna go away, this wasn’t something that was gonna going to be fixed by going to these places,” she added. “It was more so — what can I know about myself,” in terms her triggers, so she could learn how avoid them, or how to cope, which she also does through therapy sessions, and medication that she believes in “whole heartedly,” and helps her “stay balanced.”

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