WATCH: Pregnant Woman Throws Fit After Finding Out Result at Gender Reveal Party


A mom-to-be didn’t get the result she initially wanted at her unborn child's gender reveal party.

In footage from the Atlanta, Georgia celebration, expectant mom Alliyah Rose can be seen shooting off a cannon that emits blue powder. It's a boy!

Unfortunately, her reaction to finding out she’s having a son was not exactly filled with joy.

While family and friends can be heard cheering in the background, Rose slams the cannon down to the ground in frustration and storms off.

Although it was evident she was hoping for a girl, Rose later had a change of heart and realized her blessing.

In an Instagram post, the expectant mom shared her gratitude to her loved ones and to her pending bundle of joy.

“To my son... I know I threw a fit but, I can’t wait to love on you,” Rose wrote. “Learn about sports. Fight with your dad for being too rough & raise you to be the King you will be.”

Earlier this month, another gender reveal party made headlines after a "smoke-generating pyrotechnic device” used at the celebration was determined to be the cause of a massive wildfire in California.

The El Dorado wildfire has burned more than 19,000 acres and is 66 percent contained. One firefighter who was battling the blaze has since died.

Cal Fire has said criminal charges could be brought against the hosts of the gender reveal party that triggered the blaze.

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