Nine Inch Nails just changed the game with new face masks

'Make friends or start fights — you are in control'
Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails
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"You and me... we're in this together now."

The bright marketing minds over at the Nine Inch Nails camp have offered up the perfect merchandise for 2020. Sure, plenty of other artists and record labels are sticking the logos of their bands and brands onto face masks designed to stop the spread of COVID-19 -- but do they do they give you the option to personalize the message based on your current mood? Nope.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to rage, and CDC guidelines recommend mask wearing in all public spaces and keeping proper social distance, industrial rockers Nine Inch Nails are here to help. They've got branded face masks available now with expansion packs (sold out) that allow you to properly display your current Coronavirus-related anxieties, or lack there of.

“Make friends or start fights — you are in control,” says the band.

The 100% cotton, NIN Modular Face Mask Starter Kit is selling for just $35.00 and comes with interchangeable patches “for uncertain times.” The starter kit has 13 replaceable messages (“DIRTY,” “CLEAN,” “NUMB,” “ENRAGED,” “BROKEN,” “FIXED,” “FRAGILE,” “PIG,” “ASLEEP,” “AWAKE,” “COMPLIANT,” “RESISTANT”) to let the world know if you're feeling "up above it" all or if you're seriously "down in it."

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An expansion pack of 13 additional message patches stating “OBSOLETE,” “CONTAGIOUS,” “RESENTFUL,” “DISAPPOINTED,” “DOOMED,” “ALONE,” “READY,” “INFECTED,” “DEAD,” “BELIEVER,” “WITHDRAWN,” “ENTITLED,” and “DELUSIONAL” are currently sold out.

Mask pre-orders are being taken now and are expected to ship the week of December 14. While you're in the mood, take a look at NIN’s other pandemic themed merch.

In other news, the band has posted a message in support of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in the 2020 election. First giving their followers a warning about incoming political posts, the band stated: "We are gravely concerned about the future of our country (and the world) and therefore will be voting for and supporting Joe Biden and Democrats down the ticket."

Responses for and against their stance poured in, with most seeming appreciative of the warning prior to the post, although some expressed frustration with another in a long line of artists giving their unsolicited political views.

Rockers Fall Out Boy also shared their own support for Biden this week, posting a Biden/Harris lawn sign made to look like the Van Halen "VH" logo, along with the phrase "Runnin' Against The Devil." It's worth noting that bassist Pete Wentz's parents met in the '70s working on Joe Biden's senate campaign.

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