Someone Is Shooting Stray Cats In Oakland, Officials Fear

Percy, one of four feral cats in Oakland shot by someone with a pellet gun.
Photo credit Oakland Animal Services

OAKLAND — Several cats continue their recovery at the Oakland Animal Shelter after being shot by someone with a pellet gun.

Animal care officials are worried there may be more injured felines out there because all of the victims are feral cats like Morgan, who was found with pellet gun wound in the Lower Dimond District.

“I think it’s terrible,” Dimond resident Linda Nack told KCBS Radio. “I hope they catch the person or people who are doing that kind of awful thing to an animal or animals.”

So far, at least four kitties have been shot. One had to be euthanized and another cat's leg was amputated.  

Oakland Animal Service Director Rebecca Katz says they are worried this is a serial cat shooter.

“We’ve got other reports of other cats, owned cats, that have been treated for the same thing, so we’re following up on all leads,” she said. “We did put out a request for tips.”

A $10,000 reward is being offered by Oakland Animal Services for information about the shooter. 

Stray cats are an issue in many areas, but Katz said live trapping is the appropriate solution.