Amtrak executives receive hefty bonuses after a disappointing year

An Amtrak worker walks next to an Amtrak train during a stop in Fullerton, California. Photo credit Mario Tama / Staff / Getty Images

Amtrak's executives reportedly collected six-figure bonuses after a year of disheartening financial performance.

Figures show that these annual compensation packages have grown sizably during the pandemic compared to previous years. Nine executives received payouts surpassing $200,000 in the 2021 fiscal year, compared to six in 2019. These bonuses came after Congress set aside $66 billion for the railroad industry, as part of an infrastructure bill.

The New York Times reports the company has consistently lost money since its founding in 1971. Hopes of breaking this series of losses were on the horizon in 2019 but were quickly dashed during the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.