Survey estimates 1 in 4 Americans won't get vaccinated for COVID-19 as anti-vaxxers sow doubt


Despite the urgency to end the pandemic, a survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation estimated that one in four Americans won't take the COVID-19 vaccine.

Confusing messaging from the anti-vaccination community has sown doubt in the minds of many Americans.

Anti-vaxxers argue that research into the validity of vaccines is still being done, when it isn't, and that scientists are divided, when they aren't.

That message of doubt also builds on fear.

“It tells people that their kids – if they give them this shot – their kids are going to get Down syndrome, their kids are going to get sick,” said Dr. Ryan Skinnell, associate professor of rhetoric and writing at San Jose State University.

He told KCBS Radio that there is no credible evidence to support any of that.

Dr. Skinnell said much of the anti-vaccine messaging is coming from companies selling supplements and other alternative medicines.

“There is money to be made by convincing people not to get involved with big pharma,” he noted.

To those on the fence about getting the COVID-19 vaccine, Dr. Skinnell said just look at the doctors and nurses who are lining up to get their shots.

“If the vaccine was not worth-while, they would not be the first ones in line to get it,” he added.