Summer vacations are back: Travel 'almost fully reopening again for Americans' expert says

Halfpoint/Getty Images
Family with two children going on holiday, wearing face masks at the airport. Photo credit Halfpoint/Getty Images

California is scheduled to fully reopen on June 15, and with summer fast approaching, many people are anxious to vacation again after spending over a year confined to their homes.

How will travel work this summer and should people expect any restrictions as they plan their getaways?

"Where we stand right now is travel almost fully reopening again for Americans due to the positive news we’ve seen with vaccinations," Bryce Conway, founder of 10xTravel, explained on KCBS Radio’s "Ask an Expert" on Wednesday.

The loosened restrictions across the country coupled with the increased prevalence of vouchers and credit due to cancelled trips during the lockdown period, have caused demand for travel to skyrocket.

"The demand for travel right now, especially for domestic travel in the U.S., is as strong as I’ve ever seen it in the seven-plus years I’ve been doing this," Conway said. "Airlines are rolling out new flights and routes seemingly every day."

European travel rules are still relatively unknown, so Conway said people preparing to travel across the pond this summer should be prepared for possible restrictions.

However, all domestic travel should be open for business and travelers have free-reign to vacation all across the nation.

"There are very few states and cities that are enforcing any sort of quarantine rules anymore," Conway said. "People are flocking to places like Florida, Vegas is bouncing back quickly, coastal California, a lot of those typical, U.S. based summer vacations."