Donald Trump Jr: 'Is Anyone That Stupid' To Think Biden Can Come In and Save the Day


PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) -  Donald Trump Jr. told KDKA Radio's Wendy Bell that his father's presidency is the first time an American politician has made and kept promises, but continues to get slammed by the media and he doesn't understand how people would even consider voting for Democratic nominee, Joe Biden instead of re-electing Donald Trump.

"It's sort of incredible when I look at the results-driven agenda that he's driven of promises made, promises kept agenda; when I look at all the economic numbers, frankly even now, but certainly prior to COVID-19, I'm saying - Joe Biden after 50 years, half a century in the swamp - this guy's gonna do it now? I mean does anyone actually believe that? Is anyone that stupid, that they could watch four days of the DNC, which is an 'I hate America never-ending zoom conference call' and think that Joe Biden's gonna somehow come in and save the day. It's absolutely asinine," he said.