Mike Tomlin tells his side of the 2013 Jacoby Jones incident

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin
Photo credit Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

PITTSBURGH (93.7 the Fan) Where were you when the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens battled on Thanksgiving of 2013?

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If you’re Mike Tomlin, you were on the field accidently getting in the running route of Jacoby Jones.

Tomlin did a 90 minute interview with the Pivot and one of the topics covered was the incident of him stepping in the way of Jones’ kick return that was interrupted by the head coach.

At full speed it looks like Jones breaks through the Steelers defense almost completely untouched and is heading straight for the end zone.

Then Tomlin’s frame enters the screen and as Jones adjusts to avoid him, Cortez Allen catches Jones for the tackle.

On the Pivot, Tomlin stated that it was his routine and the jumbotron that forced the incident.

Tomlin explains that he was watching his special teams fall apart as he began pacing towards the jumbotron and accidently crossing the out of bounds line.

Tomlin believed that thanks to the reversed jumbotron image, that Jones was running up the opposite sideline.

As Tomlin is watching the play develop he then notices himself and he realizes he is in danger and leaps out of the way.

Did Tomlin’s presence force Jones into Allen’s tackle? “Certainly,” Tomlin says.

That kickoff came after the Steelers broke the shutout and reached within a touchdown of the Ravens late in the third quarter.

The Steelers went on the lose the game 22-20.