Majority of Americans say Trump investigation is fair

Donald and Melania Trump
Photo credit Spencer Platt/Getty Images

With three separate investigations into various alleged criminal activities underway, it appears the first ever criminal indictment of a former U.S.
President could be rapidly approaching.

But despite Donald Trump’s loud and frequent claims that the probes are “witch hunts,” a new poll shows the majority of Americans aren’t buying his allegations that he’s being railroaded.

The survey, conducted by NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist, shows 56% of all respondents believe the various investigations into Trump are fair, with just 41% calling them “witch hunts.”

When broken down among party lines, 87% of Democrats and 18% of Republicans believe the probes are unbiased, along with 51% of independents.

And as far as what Americans believe the investigations will uncover, 46% of all Americans believe Trump has done something illegal.
Another 29% say they believe Trump did something “unethical but not illegal.”

Only 23% believe Trump is completely innocent.

Regarding Trump’s prospects at completing a second successful run for the White House, the poll revealed that 61% of all Americans do not want a second Trump Presidential term, while only 38% want to see him re-elected in 2024.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images