25% of Beverly Hills firefighters request vaccine mandate exemption

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More than one fourth of Beverly Hills Fire Department firefighters have requested exemptions to a statewide vaccination order for healthcare workers, The Beverly Hills Courier reported Saturday.

Firefighters fall under California's occupational vaccine mandate, which permits excemptions for certain medical and religious reasons.

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Twenty-five of the city's 97 fireghters have filed for exemptions, according to The Courier, with 23 of those applicants citing religious beliefs. No major religious denominations have publicly opposed COVID-19 vaccines.

Beverly Hills' human relations department and City Attorney's office will conduct interviews for those seeking exemptions before they are approved.

According to L.A. County Deputy Fire Chief Joe Matsch, firefighters in Beverly Hills were required to receive certain vaccinations as a condition of employment by a county firehouse.

Those who have only claimed religious opposition to the COVID-19 vaccine may face difficulty convincing officials that their requests were made in good faith.