Major COVID outbreaks at many of LA County's stores like Sprouts, Whole Foods, Target, Home Depot, Costco

There are major COVID outbreaks at many of the area’s most popular stores.

Here's the list of locations:

On the LA County Department of Public Health’s website there is a list of all the places where there’s three or more cases, and the list is long.

The list continues to grow to include six Sprouts locations, where between five to 16 staff have tested positive, according to the La County Public Health non-residential settings list.

It includes more than 400 cases of confirmed staff at 16 Target stores now, outbreaks at nine Home Depots, and more than 400 cases from nine Costco stores and at six Whole Foods stores.

"I think it's just not surprising to see this and I think it's really a reflection on what is happening across the county in general," says Dr. Anne Rimoin is a UCLA epidemiologist.

She says she doesn’t have enough data to say if the outbreaks are from community spread or at the stores.

"This is where you're seeing a lot of people coming and going and the people that are working there are exposed to many people and then they are probably also going home and living in multi-generational households," she says.

Vons only had one store on the list. Ralphs had none.