Fauci warns ‘full brunt’ of post-Thanksgiving COVID spike will come in 2 to 3 weeks

As the number of coronavirus cases continue to reach unprecedented levels, the full effects from the expected surge from the Thanksgiving holiday still haven't been felt.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is warning the “full brunt” from people gathering and traveling over the long holiday weekend won’t occur for a few more weeks, as we get closer to Christmas.

"May be a little bit of blip (right now), but we don't expect to see the full brunt of it between two and three weeks following Thanksgiving, so I think we have not yet seen the post-Thanksgiving peak," the nation’s leading infectious disease expert told TODAY.

"That's the concerning thing because the numbers in and of themselves are alarming, and then you realize that it is likely we'll see more of a surge as we get two to three weeks past the Thanksgiving holiday."

Fauci finds this particularly disconcerting as it brings the surge in line with the Christmas holiday and the potential for more gatherings and travel.

"The thing that concerns me is that abuts right on the Christmas holiday as people start to travel and shop and congregate,” Fauci added. “So that's the reason why we plead with them to please, as best as you can, uniform wearing of masks, keep distances to the best possible way you can, avoid crowds in congregate settings, particularly indoors, and if you are indoors in that circumstance, always wear your mask.”

On Thursday, the US reported more than 205,000 new cases of the novel virus, and set a record for the amount of new infections, hospitalizations and deaths in a single-day since the start of the pandemic in March, reported NBC News.

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