Lainey Wilson dreams of starting her own bell-bottomed family: ‘I plan on having kids, I plan on being married’

'It will take a very special person'
Lainey Wilson
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It’s all go, go, go for Lainey Wilson these days as she works hard to keep the momentum going surrounding her career. While she continued to mark off many career milestones with headlining tours, #1 songs, and even a role in the hit Paramount series, Yellowstone, Lainey says not all her dreams revolve around music.

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During a recent conversation with Audacy’s Rob + Holly, the 30-year-old shared her hopes to settle down and have a family in the future while still maintaining a career in music. “I can definitely see myself getting married,” she shared. “It will take a very special person to be OK with this lifestyle and right now, music is my baby and my priority… They would have to be OK with that.”

Recognizing she lives her life in the spotlight, Lainey says that’s not something she would expect of her future family. She continued on to share her respect and admiration for artists like Dolly Parton who have found successful ways to balance work and professional life.

“I plan on having kids, I plan on being married, but I will say, I like what Dolly has done keeping some of her business to herself,” Wilson expressed. “She said something about that one time, she said ‘the reason I keep my husband private is because I felt like I needed to keep something for myself. I share a lot of my life and world with everybody, and I think it’s OK to keep something for yourself.’”

While the Louisiana-native admits she’s probably got too much going on in her career to find “the one” right now, it doesn’t keep her from dreaming up a wedding day look. Would anyone be surprised if she got married in bell-bottoms? Probably not.

“Never say never,” Lainey laughed. “I told you I’d never wear a dress, but maybe one day, when I get married, I’m probably going to wear a dress, but I’ll probably have some bell-bottoms on underneath it.”

While she doesn’t have to start getting serious about a wedding look quite yet, Lainey does have to get serious about some awards show looks and it sounds like she’s ready to push the envelope.

"My stylists are two girls named Julie and Gerry and they help me for photo shoots or award shows, the rest of the time, I just dress myself. I just throw on a bunch of stuff that doesn’t match and call it a day,” she laughed.

“They know me so well and they don’t want to change what I do, they just want to take what I do and elevate it a little. We’re coming up with ideas to really kind of dress up the bell-bottoms. Heck, you might see me on a carpet with a train on my bellbottoms,” she teased.

No matter what she wears, it’s always a treat to watch Lainey perform and according to her the goal is to keep it that way for many years to come as she plans on focusing on a career spanning the rest of her lifetime.

“At the end of the day, you can’t do it all at once, and I want a long career, I want longevity,” she concluded. “I don’t want to be a flash of the pan, and so I try to make sure I remember it’s about brick by brick… It’s a marathon, it ain’t a sprint.”

Hear more from Lainey surrounding music videos, her spot on Luke Combs’ world tour and and update on her Dad’s health by tuning into her conversation with Rob + Holly above.

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