Can You Beat Jeetz 1-26-23

Today Jeetz takes on Eric!
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Jeetz looks to win his 1st consecutive game of "Can you beat Jeetz?" vs Eric! We ask 3 multi-option questions to determine trivia supremacy.

Here are today’s questions:

1. The beard is the fastest growing hair on the human body. If you never trimmed it how long would it be when you died on avg?

A)     15ft

B)     30ft

C)     45 ft

D)     60 ft

2. In the past year 1-10 of us have done this at work

A)     Taken a work call on the can

B)     Had sex at work

C)     Called in sick from the parking lot

D)     Broke a piece of work equipment in anger

3. At what rate do squirrels forget where they hide their nuts

A)     10%

B)     25%

C)     50%

D)     75%

Click the audio link below to hear how you did!

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Can You Beat Jeetz 1-26-23
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