Can You Beat Jeetz 11-21-22

Today Jeetz is challenged by Dump Truck Joe!
Photo credit KGON

Jeetz looks to win his 9th consecutive game of "Can you beat Jeetz?" vs Dump Truck Joe! We ask 3 multi-option questions to determine trivia supremacy.

Here are today’s questions:

1. How long did it take for Jim Carrey to do his makeup for How The Grinch Stole Christmas

A)      4.5 hours

B)      6.5 hours

C)      8.5 hours

D)     10.5 hours

2. Steven Spielberg won his first Oscar for  best director in what movie

A)      Jaws

B)      Close Encounters

C)      E.T

D)      Schindler’s List

3. This was the biggest documentary series around the world in 2020

A)      The Last Dance

B)      Tiger King

C)      The Last Blockbuster

D)      Who Killed Jeffery Epstein

Click the audio link below to see how you did!

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Can You Beat Jeetz 11-21-22
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