Can You Beat Jeetz 11-22-22

Today Jeetz takes on Eric!
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Jeetz looks to win his 10th consecutive game of "Can you beat Jeetz?" vs Eric! We ask 3 multi-option questions to determine trivia supremacy.

Here are today’s questions:

1. On average a man will spend about how much of their life shaving

A)      4.6 months

B)      5.6 months

C)      6.6 months

D)      1year

2. When this gadget first came out it cost 20k dollars

A)      VCR

B)      Hi Fi Stereo

C)      Computer mouse

D)      Cell phone

3. When skydiving the fastest you can fall is

A)      100 mph

B)      120 mph

C)      130 mph

D)      150 mph

Click the audio link below to see how you did!

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Can You Beat Jeetz 11-22-22
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