Can You Beat Jeetz 3-14-23

Jeetz look for 2 in a row when he takes on Christine
Photo credit KGON

Jeetz looks to win his 2nd consecutive game of "Can you beat Jeetz?" vs Christine! We ask 3 multi-option questions to determine trivia supremacy.

Here are today’s questions:

1. From 1850-1880 the most common cause of death amongst cowboys

A)     Old age

B)     Drinking

C)     Gunfight

D)     Dragged by horse

2. Avg person will consume how many gallons of water in their lifetime

A)     10k

B)     12k

C)     14k

D)     20k

3. How many Homeruns did Michael Jordan hit in professional baseball career

A)     1

B)     3

C)     5

D)     0

Click the audio link below to hear how you did!

Featured Image Photo Credit: KGON