Can You Beat Jeetz 9-30-22

Today Jeetz takes on Bi-Polar Kim!
Photo credit KGON

Jeetz looks to win his 2nd consecutive game of "Can you beat Jeetz?" vs Bi-Polar Kim! We ask 3 multi-option questions to determine trivia supremacy.

Here’s todays questions:

1. Before a baby is born its heart will beat how many times

A)      10 mil

B)      30 mil

C)      60 mil

D)      100 mil

2. The Great Pyramids of Egypt have moved how far since being built

A)      200 ft

B)      1 mile

C)      2 miles

D)      3miles

3. 1-3 people cannot

A)      Ride a bike

B)      Swim

C)      Snap their fingers

D)      Whistle

Click on the audio link below to see how you did!

Featured Image Photo Credit: KGON