Lorde admits she's too 'sensitive' for Pop star life

'I’m great at my job, but I’m not sure I’m the man for the job'
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Lorde has crafted a unique in and out style when it comes to her music career, and according to her, it’s the perfect approach.

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“For whatever reason people have allowed me to say, ‘Okay, I’m going to come and do the thing—do the shoot, do the red carpet, speak to the journalists, put the music out’ — and when I’ve done it to the point of total exhaustion, when I have completely quenched that thirst, I’m going to go home, and you’re not going to see me for two or three or four years,” shared in a recent interview with Vogue

“I’ll be doing the other thing, which is being there for every single birthday and dinner party and cooking every single meal and going on every single walk and taking every single bath." She continued, “And when I’ve done that, and I’m like, ‘all right, that’s enough of that for a little while,’ I’ll come back again.”

The 24-year-old blames her “sensitive” personality for not making her a natural fit for the spotlight, but regardless, she has no qualms about the career path she’s walking.

“I’m great at my job, but I’m not sure I’m the man for the job,” she said. “I’m a highly sensitive person, I’m not built for Pop star life. To have a public-facing existence is something I find really intense and is something I’m not good at. That natural charisma is not what I have. I have the brain in the jar.”

Lorde recently stepped “in” the spotlight with the release of her newest album Solar Power. Fans are soaking up the time and new music before Lorde vanishes, once again with her “brain in a jar.”

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