Adele reveals that managing her anxiety was the real reason behind her weight loss

The 'Easy On Me' artist used workout time to regain her own time
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By , Auadcy

When Adele began a new workout routine, the singer’s goal was not to conform to unrealistic body standards and she hadn’t intended to lose weight, but rather to quell her anxiety while managing the emotions around her divorce.

During Sunday’s Adele One Night Only CBS special, the powerhouse artist told Oprah Winfrey, “I was body positive then, and I’m body positive now.”

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The “Easy On Me” singer explained that she found solace in her rigorous workout routine, adding that seeing her trainer on a daily basis helped ease the anxiety that came with her divorce.

Adele noted, “It became my time. Having these sort of pins in my day helped me keep myself together."

Making clear that she is well aware of the fact that her body and appearance have always been the topic of conversation, Adele said, “my body has been objectified my entire career" — but that she's "never held up anyone as a role model based on how they looked.”

She added, “It's not my job to validate how people feel about their bodies," she said. "I'm trying to sort my own life out."

Last year, the artist had time for multiple, daily workout routines, allowing her to build up strength. Adele told Oprah that her deadlift reach almost 170 pounds last year. She joked, “I should've been an athlete. If only at school I hadn't discovered boys and someone had told me to go and do a bit more PE."

Opening up about her past, Adele also told Oprah that the wound she is still healing from is her relationship with her father, Mark Evans, who wasn’t present for most of her life and struggled with drinking.

She detailed that she struggled with personal relationships due to her father’s absence. “My main goal in life is to be loved and to love,” said Adele.

Earlier this year Adele and her father reconciled their relationship before he passed away. She explained that she was able to play her music for him over Zoom and that this helped heal the deep wound that has been with her for many years.

Most importantly Adele notes that she wants peace of mind and stability that can only be derived from loving herself.

She shared, “I don't have to expect someone else to give me stability. I can also be stable for myself. Be a solid house that doesn't blow over in a storm."

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