Spruce up your yard with these nontoxic garden care tips

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Looking to create a healthy and lush outdoor green space without the dangerous and harming chemicals?

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These nontoxic garden tips to keep your yard looking healthy all year long!

High-risk pesticide alternatives

While keping your backyard clear of crawling critters helps make the space more enjoyable for everyone, it can also damage your health and the health of your ecosystem. There are a multiple healthy-alternatives to keep your backyard pesticide and weed free.

Opting for a natural weed killer can reduce your usage and exposure to high-risk pesticides and herbicides.  Create your own healthy solution with essential oils, dish soap, or vinegar.

To help keep pesty weeds from ruining our backyard aesthetic, try using boiling water or removing weeds mechanically.

The right plants

Choosing the right plants from the start can help save you time with weeding in the long run. Choose grass and ground cover that is native to your area to reduce water use and maintenance throughout the year. Head to your local nursery for plant recommendations or research native plants online.

Pick the perfect time to water

If you need to water your grass, plants, or flowers on a regular basis, make sure to water in the morning before 9 a.m. before the sun is at its brightest. Waiting until noon will cause the water to evaporate before it is able to soak into the soil. Watering in the evening might also attract undesirable pests.

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