Horoscopes for Friday, Aug. 27th, 2021 || The Chet Buchanan Show

Your daily reminder to "Be The 10!"
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Aries: A romantic evening at home with your partner could bring the two of you closer. An intellectual passion could also come your way. You might discover a new field of interest. YOUR DAY = 9

Taurus: Information received from far away could excite your passion to learn more about a subject. You might be inspired to use your new knowledge in a project that includes a partner. YOUR DAY = 8

Gemini: Money matters are likely to be advanced today through your intuition and inner power. You may get a hunch that your idea for bringing in some extra money just might work. YOUR DAY = 10

Cancer: A surge of inner power could have you feeling like you can move mountains. If you've been contemplating a course of action that others believe impossible, this is the time to get it going. YOUR DAY = 10

Leo: Memories from your past could resurface. You might wonder why you're suddenly thinking about them, but they probably represent a release of old emotional hang-ups. YOUR DAY = 7

Virgo: Today represents a beginning in many ways. A friend from the past could reappear in your life or new friends could also come your way. Expect a few surprises from all sides! YOUR DAY = 9

Libra: Emotions could be running high today. Someone in your entourage may have a problem with an authority figure, and political issues could come up. YOUR DAY = 6, but your weekend is a 9!

Scorpio: Heightened mental powers might have you spending a lot of time reading or doing research of some kind. Your curiosity is especially high right now. YOUR DAY = 9

Sagittarius: Reading about news events might bring sudden insights. Put this ability to work advancing your financial condition. Do this if you can, within reason. Your insights are probably correct! YOUR DAY = 10

Capricorn: You should be feeling especially passionate at this time, especially regarding partnerships. Romantic partnerships definitely call for an evening together! YOUR DAY = 10

Aquarius: If you've been feeling less like yourself lately, a surge of inner power could push you over the top and make you feel strong and healthy again. YOUR DAY = 9

Pisces: Your creative passions are strong, and you could be hit with sudden inspiration, perhaps influenced by distant places. Take time out from your mundane chores to pursue this inspiration. YOUR DAY = 9