Horoscopes for Thursday, Sept. 9th, 2021 || The Chet Buchanan Show

Great day for all the Taurus' out there!
Chet + Kayla
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Gemini: You may discover today that you have a talent for something you've never even thought about before. If you always stick to what you know, how will you ever experience anything new? YOUR DAY = 9

Virgo: Today your creativity might be stimulated by some free time. You can try and save it for later, but you may not feel the same way then.

Sagittarius: Today's a good day to work toward the goals you've set. The aspect of the day influences your ability to focus on the necessary steps to achieve what you want. YOUR DAY = 8

Pisces: With some leisure time on your hands, you'll find an opportunity to start fresh in some area that has challenged you. Find the courage to examine your attitudes toward adverse situations. YOUR DAY = 7

Taurus: If you're not already so inclined, why not try expressing yourself through song? Even if you feel silly singing out loud, ham it up and have some fun. YOUR DAY = 10

​Leo: There comes a time when you need to face things. Any time is an excellent time to start fresh. Take your time and trust in yourself. YOUR DAY = 7

Scorpio: It's possible that someone will question your motives or wonder whether or not you're genuine. Don't take it the wrong way. You don't take everything at face value either. YOUR DAY = 6

Aquarius: If someone you know is going through a rough time, they could come to you for support or advice. People see you as genuinely concerned and a good friend, especially when times are tough. YOUR DAY = 7

Aries: Today you might want to try something completely new. If you've never done this before, why not try expressing yourself through dance?

Cancer: It's a new day, a good day to let your caring side show. Take the time to smile and chat with as many people as you can. YOUR DAY = 10

Libra: Consider going the extra mile today by lending a hand to those around you who are in need. Show your extraordinary caring ability and make someone smile. YOUR DAY = 9

Capricorn: You may watch the clock today. Remember, you won't get through your tasks any faster if you're unfocused. You might even sabotage what you're doing if you're distracted. YOUR DAY = 6