Horoscopes for Wednesday, Sept. 8th, 2021 || The Chet Buchanan Show

What does your day look like?
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Scorpio: You can expect to feel a little more energetic today. In fact, you may run circles around everyone. What a great way to start the day. YOUR DAY = 10

Sagittarius: You might feel like doing something different today. Everyone needs a break from the regular grind and this is a good time to try something new. YOUR DAY = 8

Capricorn: Start your day writing in a journal. This provides an avenue to communicate and connect with your inner being. YOUR DAY = 8

Aquarius: You might find it hard to get going. Taking direction could rub you the wrong way, especially if you're set on doing something different.

Pisces: You might feel cheerful and generous today. Helping others will probably suit you, and matters will move along smoothly. YOUR DAY = 10

Aries: Make an effort to connect with someone you miss today. Even if it feels painful at first, you'll feel a lot better once you do. YOUR DAY = 8

Taurus: Today may be a time of heightened reasoning and judgment for you. What a great way to get things done! Pull out unfinished projects and get going. YOUR DAY = 9

Gemini: Feed your mind today. The day's energy supports growth and expansion, so why not see about learning about something you're interested in? YOUR DAY = 9

Cancer: You're more into socializing today than anything else. This could be great providing you don't have a heavy workload. See who's available and go for it. YOUR DAY = 8

Leo: Don't be surprised if you getting back into the swing of things more slowly than usual today. Not every day starts off with a bang, so don't be too hard on yourself for this. YOUR DAY = 7

Virgo: Don't be surprised if you're pensive. It's one of those days when daydreaming can happen more readily. Your imagination may also be at a peak. YOUR DAY = 8

Libra: If you're at home, don't spend all your time loafing. Get all the chores done. Socializing later will be far more enjoyable without guilty feelings about what you should be doing. YOUR DAY = 9