McDonalds Adding (4) International Favs To DFW Menu

Photo credit Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
For the 1st time in McDonald's history, the company is adding what it calls "worldwide favorites" to it's U.S. menu of 14,000 locations, beginning Wednesday, according to Guidelive.

All (4) of the international offerings were first tested in Miami and Grand Rapids, MI to help determine national acceptance. 

New McDonald's menu items include the New Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger (Spain).

Plus, McDonald's will offer:

  • Cheesey Bacon Fries (from Australia)
  • Tomato Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich - crispy chicken breast, a piece of moxxarella, 3 Roma tomatoes, leaf lettuce, slivered onions, plus tomato-herb sauce (from Canada)
  •  Stroopwafel McFlurry - vanilla soft-serve ice cream twirled with a Dutch waffle, plus caramel sauce (the Netherlands)

This Thursday, McDonald's will host a "currency exchange" promotion in which you can bring any kind of currency into a participating location between 2 and 5pm CT and exchance it for (1) of the four new menu items, and the value does not have to equal the price of the item. 

Some North Texas McDonald's locations are already selling the new menu items, which will only be available until late July, unless groups of franchisees agree to continue selling them.

Which of the new McDonald's "worldwide favorites" looks tasty to you?