Dallas Ranked 3rd Best U.S. City By Millennials

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Photo credit Photo: Greens87/Getty Images
The Dallas Morning News reports research groups Langston Co. and Centiment combined over 40 different aspects of city living, over 125,000 data points, and feedback from almost 3,000 millennials in 22 large U.S. metros to determine which areas of America are the most attractive to millennials to live and work.

Participants were asked to rate their choices based upon a range of factors including: employment opportunities, cost of living, taxes, and even cleanliness.

According to the above research, here are the Top 10 U.S. cities millennials prefer.

10. Los Angeles

9. New York

8. Phoenix

7. Orlando

6. Miami

5. Austin

4. Minneapolis

3. Dallas

2. Atlanta

#1 - Houston

Wow! Three Texas cities in the Top 10, and Dallas continues to hold strong as a Top 3 destination city for millennials.

Gotta luv Texas!