Bride Wants Bridesmaids To Change Eye Color To Match Dresses

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Beyond Bridezilla … Now we’ve heard everything … a bride-to-be wants her bridesmaids to change the color of their eyes – so they don’t clash with the color of the dresses she is choosing. No joke.

The unnamed woman actually took to Facebook to ask whether or not s he was being “over the top” for wanting to buy colored contact lenses for her blue-eyed bridesmaids.

She posted: “How over the top is it to buy my blue-eyed bridesmaids color contacts? I’m offering to let them select any color, even rich amber brown like mine (I’m not afraid of being overshadowed!). I just think blue eyes would clash, since one of the wedding colors is Chartreuse.” She also included a photo of the color dress she was thinking of.  

Her post was quickly shared to a wedding-shaming Facebook group where, as you can imagine, she received some choice comments. (Yahoo Style UK)