Drew Carey Leaves Waiter "Speechless" After Tipping $500 Following Meal

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Photo credit (Photo by PA Images/Sipa USA)

There's a reason why "contestants hug and kiss him all the time on his show," according to Tommy Greco, co-owner of K Rico Steakhouse in Manhattan.

Greco was referring to Drew Carey, host of The Price is Right, who stopped by the restaurant for a bite to eat with a party of eight last week.  Carey and his party ate on the restauran't back patio, and according to Greco, they were the perfect guests.  He told INSIDER, "I wish I could say something wacky happened, but I can't.  They were perfect guests."  After the meal, Carey shook Greco's hand, thanked him, and said it was a "great steak."

After Carey left, Greco turned to his waiter and told him "Man, what a really nice guy."  And according to Greco, "my waiter goes 'No kidding—look!' and he showed me the tip."

On a bill of $200, Carey tipped $500, a 250% gratuity, which was split amongst the entire restaurant staff.

Greco said, "You always hear about people being jerks or doing the wrong thing, but he's an amazing guy — super nice."