Junior High Science Quiz Sparks Controversy; Asked Students Whether COVID-19 Pandemic Is A "Scam"

Quiz Question
Photo credit Elizabeth Madrigal, Facebook

A school in Pearland, Texas is in hot water after a question on a junior high science quiz enfuriated some parents.

The Chron reported the quiz question asked students in a 'true or false' fashion whether the COVID-19 panndemic is a "scam."

Answering 'false' was marked as the incorrect answer.

Quiz Question

A Pearland ISD parent, Elizabeth Madrigal, posted the photo of the quiz question on Facebook and it immediately received several angry responses.

"This is not acceptable," one woman commented on the post. "As a healthcare worker, this infuriates me."

Madrigal said her main concern was that "the teacher might be using his or her political opinions to spark debates on the virus."

"Had it been worded in a way that they could give their opinions and not be marked incorrect, it could have started a conversation that was relevant to today’s news and been a great way to start the year in science class," Madrigal said. "It could have gauged the kids' understanding of the pandemic and really been a good opener to the science behind all of it."

The question has since been removed from the quiz, though Pearland Junior High East principal Dr. Charles Allen says the question was only meant to "spark a conversation" and has denied any requests for comment.

"It was not to imply the virus is not serious or to make any political stance," Allen said.