Abandoned Sanger Mansion To Be Converted Into A Wedding Venue

Abandoned Plantation Home, Mansion, Field
Photo credit (Photo by Getty Images)

For more than three decades, the Sanger Mansion has been abandoned and incomplete.

A family of three was in the process of building their dream home, but a divorce and bankruptcy in the mid-'90s led to the 25,000 square foot home to remain unfinished.

Now, owners Bella Mansions are planning on completing and converting the home into a brand new wedding venue.  Owner of Bella Mansions Isabel Ramey said, “A lot of people are happy to see this place finally get brought into something.  It's a sad house that had so much potential that was wasted away over the decades.”

The Rameys purchased the house for $795,000, and plan on putting another $2 million into it for renovations.  If all goes according to plan and they remain on schedule, Sanger Mansion could be operational for weddings in early 2021.