Erath County 11-year-old raises $31,000 in donations for Backpack Buddies

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Photo credit (Photo by Getty Images)

Backpack Buddies is a non-profit oerganization that aims to provide children from" food-insecure homes" with healthy weekend meals during the school year.  11-year Kason Prince of Erath County has made it his mission as of late to raise as much money for Backpack Buddies as possible.

Over the past three years Kason has raised over $31,000 for Backpack Buddies!  He told NBC DFW, "I’m very surprised about it. I did not think I would get as far as I have today. I worked hard at it. I worked very hard, three years I think. I’ve done bake sales, Facebook campaigns, T-shirt sales.  It makes me feel good inside to know that kids get the things they need and help them understand what it means to be a child and to have a good life, and it makes me feel good inside to know they are having something on the table to eat.'

Prince's earnings will feed nearly 7,000 kids in his community.

If you would like, send donations to:

2291 Northwest LoopStephenville, TX 76401

Make out any checks to: Backpack Buddies of Erath County.