Grapevine man inspires community with "Parr Park Rock Art Trail"

Rocks, Stones, Painted, Paint, Wooden Board
Photo credit (Photo by Getty Images)

Grapevine man Ron Olsen was in Iceland when the pandemic first hit.

Upon returning home, he said he couldn't recognize his community due to the quarantining and social distancing.  This led Olsen to start thinking, and thus led to the creation of the "Parr Park Rock Art Trail."

With the help of his children, Olsen painted a left ten rocks aloing the park's walking trail.  It wasn't long after those ten rocks grew, and now more than 2,500 painted rocks lay along Parr Park's trail.  Olsen says, "Even when it started I didn't think it would turn into this.  I think it's provided a lot of people with a lot of escape."

Kevin Mitchell, who works in Grapevine's Parks and Recreation department, said of the project, "The color keeps driving you further and further along.  You walk through here and it invokes memories."

Families and groups keep adding to the collection, and rocks have been assembled by every imaginable theme like Disney or the minions or nature scenes.  Olsen says, "We can certainly see each other through these rocks."