You Can Now Invite a Llama or Goat to Your Zoom Call for $65


Chances are, you've probably participated in a Zoom call as of late.

If not Zoom, you've probably used some other webcam service for either a meeting for work or perhaps to visit with some friends while we're all self-isolating. We know the process can be monotonous at times, which is why a farm in California is offering a service to help spice up those webcam calls.

For less than $100, Sweet Farm is offering to dial in a llama, goat, or any other barn animal into your webcam call.  Co-founder Nate Salpeter said, "Sometimes people just want to watch a cow eat grass."

So far, the animals you can include in your conference call include goats, sheep, pigs, cows, turkeys and, by far the most popular, llamas. The animals will make their grand entrance to your call and stay for 10 minutes.

In addition to having a farm animal on your Zoom calls, Sweet Farm is offering 20-25 minute virtual private tours of the premises for up to $250 and virtual class "field trips" to the farm for schools.

Via NY Post

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