Marriage test from 1939 reveals what makes a good housewife

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It wasn't too long ago Miles in the Morning discussed the differences between the years 1950 and 2020.

Now it's time to go back a little further, all the way from a marriage test from 1939 that determines the qualities that make a good husband and wife.

And we'll just tell you, some of them can be pretty jarring.

For example, you are a good husband if you're nice to her friends, remember your anniversary, and "sometimes" ask for her opinion.  You are a good wife if you always serve dinner on time, you play an instrument, and you always get dressed up for breakfast.

The qualities of a bad husband include flirting in front of her, comparing her to your mom, or previous wives, and criticizing her in public  And being a bad wife includes being late for appointments, letting your cold feet touch him under the covers, and wearing red nail polish.

You can view that chart HERE.

Via WRCBtv