Plano woman suing Brad Pitt, says actor scammed her out of $40,000 and "promised" to marry her

Brad Pitt, Red Carpet, Academy Awards, 2020
Photo credit (Photo by Lionel Hahn/Abaca/Sipa USA)

Brad Pitt has found himself in the middle of a lawsuit, and this time, it doesn't involve Angelina Jolie.

In fact, in involves Kelli Christina, a healthcare CEO from PLANO who is suing the 56-year-old actor for scamming her out of a ton of cash.

Christina says Pitt contacted her about two years ago asking for help raising money for his Make It Right Foundation; Pitt started the foundation in order to help rebuild New Orleans followed by the evastation caused by Hurricane Katrina.

Well apparently, Christina was one of the donations biggest contributors.  

Over the past two years, Christina allegedly sent Pitt over $40,000 upon an agreement that he would show up at various charity fiundraising events.  Christina also mentions oin the lawsuit that over the years, the pair developed a personal relationship that even included "discussions of marriage."

Well obcviously after sending the cash, Christina never heard from "Pitt" again, so she's filed a $100,000 lawsuit against the actor in order to recoup the funds.

Actual Brad Pitt's lawyers have repeatedly told Christina they have nothing to do with this scam.  A source close to the case said, "This is a sad case of someone who was the victim of an online celebrity internet scam that had nothing to do with the actual celebrity.  Hopefully others can learn from this unfortunate situation.”

Despite the claims from Pitt's lawyers, Christina is going ahead with the lawsuit.  She told the NY Post, "We have been litigating since March 2020 and I am pushing back on media.  This lawsuit is important for the country so I will continue to fight Brad Pitt and Make it Right Foundation. I have 113 pages of organized discovery to support the charges and allegations. I wouldn’t expect this lawsuit to go away easily.”

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