Texas Restaurant Holding "Karen Day," Where Anyone Named Karen Gets A Free Meal

Karen, Customer, Waiter, Restaurant, Angry Customer, Complaining
Photo credit (Photo by Getty Images)

Chick’nCone down in Houston wants the "Karens" of the world to know they are appreciated.

This past Monday, the restaurant hosted an official "Karen Day," where those patrons legally named Karen were eligible for a free meal.  Chick’nCone launched the promotion to “show sympathy to the good ‘Karens’ of the world."

In the last few years, "Karen" has become a pejorative term in the United States for a woman who is perceived as demanding or privileged.

About 40 "Karens" showed up to the event.  Restaurant spokesperson Karen De Amat said, "The event was well received and got a lot of attention."

Via Fox News