New Survey Lists The Alamo As The Worst Tourist Attraction In Texas

Alamo, Texas, Sunset, San Antonio
Photo credit (Photo by Getty Images)

Matt Shirley recently asked his 389,000 followers on Instagram to list the worst tourist attraction in their state.

Shirley loves putting together maps and charts, and after compiling his data, turned the Worst Attraction in Every State into a handy map for all to see.  Let's just say the results are surprising.

Some of the more notable picks for the worst attractions in every state include the Jersey Shore in New Jersey, the Breaking Bad house in New Mexico, the World's Tallest Filing Cabinet in Vermont, the Rocky statue in Pennsylvania, and the Biggest Ball of Twine in Kansas.

As for Texas, Shirley's followers listed the ALAMO as the worst attraction in Texas.

We're not sure how much we agree with these findings!