Texas A&M offers "Homework Helpline" that provides free tutoring for virtual learning

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There's no doubt that many parents and kids are still struggling with virtual learning.

Homework is hard for everybody these days, but Texas A&M University wants to make it a little easier.

The school is offering a "Homework Helpline" which will provide FREE tutoring for students of ALL grade levels, from Pre-K to 12th grade.

Valerie Hill-Jackson, professor and assistant dean of educator preparation at Texas A&M, said, "Going back to school looks and feels different across Texas this year. Families need homework help for their children and Aggie undergraduate students are motivated, adaptive and committed to selfless service.  The helpline is a natural partnership and central to the college’s mission to support communities and provide transformational learning experiences for our undergraduates."

Families can sign up online for a homework helper available Monday through Friday, and get free tutoring via Zoom or over the phone.  

Students will also be able to share their screen and send photos of their homework to tutors so students can receive specific assistance.