Two-Thirds Of People Have Lowered Their Dating Standards In Order To More Easily Find A Partner

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People in the dating world are growing desperate.

The ongoing pandemic, and the thought of another lockdown, have forced people to reevaluate what they are looking for in a potential mate, and have MANY even lowering their standards in order to more easily find a potential partner.

In fact, a survey commissioned by RealMe has found that 67% of people are "less okay" with being single during this time and 64% of people are lowering their standards, and are less picky with their online dat3ing matches due to their desire to find a mate.

Mark Brooks, online dating expert and CEO of the Internet Dating Excellence Association (IDEA), said of this recent trend, "There's no denying the pandemic is driving new online behaviors, which are here to stay.  95% of respondents plan to continue at least one online dating behavior they developed during the pandemic, which implies the way we choose to find love and build connections has forever changed. In the 'new normal,' online daters will place more value on quality interactions that reduce feelings of loneliness. However, it's worth noting, this newfound desire for companionship could lead users to ignore red flags and, therefore, make them more vulnerable to dating scams, as the inclination to misrepresent is on the rise, with three in four online daters admitting to lying on their profiles. This means there's a higher burden on dating apps to authenticate, reduce risk, and provide more assurance."

Other notable findings from the survey include:

-If social distancing stays in place for another few months, more than half of online daters report they will use dating apps more frequently. This number was especially high for millennials (64%).

-Seventy-two percent of online daters feel more hesitant to have physical contact when meeting someone in person

-Over 76% of respondents invest more time in talking to the other person

-Over 1/3 of respondents say they plan on having more meaningful conversations even after the pandemic is over

-Dating behaviors differ between personality traits, such as, 69% of less emotionally stable respondents are more worried about finding a new partner. Extraverts are more likely to spend more time on dating apps than introverts, with 75% claiming to use video chat features more frequently during the pandemic.

-Nearly 90% of online daters wish they could obtain more information about the person they were talking to and would be more likely to meet up with them if their profile was "verified" via enhanced safety features, such as a reputation checker that pulls data from criminal records, lawsuits and financial documents.

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