Florida Woman Arrested After Assaulting Boyfriend With Candy Cane During Argument

Candy Canes, Pile
Photo credit (Photo by Getty Images)

In the middle of this Coronavirus world, and though it's the end of April, there's still plenty of room for a little Christmas spirit.  

That's at least what was running through the mind of 35-year-old Christina Zicuis of Clearwater, Florida.  Unfortunately, she decided to interject the Christmas spirit by form of a candy cane, which she used to assault a man she was having an argument with.  

Zicuis and her boyfriend were apparently arguing, according to the Smoking Gun, "about Christina’s daughter who is not alive." Allegedly, Zicuis first stabbed him with a pen, causing him to exit the residence, which Zicuis followed up with by hurling a candy cane at his arm, which caused "bruising and swelling to his elbow."