Woman Dumped By Her Fiancé For Being "Too Fat" Loses 112 Pounds And Is Crowned "Miss Great Britain"

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A few years back, Jen Atkin was dumped by her fiancé for being "too fat."

She first met her ex in 2011 when she weighed 203 lbs. By 2015, she weighed 238 pounds and had become “a weekend recluse” dining on takeout.  She recalled,  “In the week, I would eat huge portions of pasta or pizza, then a family-size chocolate bar."

Though the couple planned to wed, he dumped her, which inspired Atkin to start shedding some pounds.

She hit the gym, and never looked back, losing 112 pounds, going from a size 22 to a size 10.  

Retired from pageants, Atkin is now married.  Not to her ex.  Think he'd like to have that one back?

Via NY Post