Broadway Star Carol Channing Has Passed Away

Photo credit (Photo by Dale Guldan, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Sad news out of California today. Early this morning, around 12:31AM, legendary broadway actress, Carol Channing, from "Hello, Dolly", has died at the age of 97-years-old. Channing passed away in her own home in Rancho Mirage, California of natural causes.

Channing's publicist, B Harlan Boll, released the following statement...

"It is with extreme heartache, that I have to announce the passing of an original Industry Pioneer, Legend and Icon - Miss Carol Channing. I admired her before I met her, and have loved her since the day she stepped ... or fell rather ... into my life. It is so very hard to see the final curtain lower on a woman who has been a daily part of my life for more than a third of it. We supported each other, cried with each other, argued with each other, but always ended up laughing with each other. Saying good-bye is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, but I know that when I feel those uncontrollable urges to laugh at everything and/or nothing at all, it will be because she is with me, tickling my funny bone."

Rest in peace Miss Channing. You will be missed.