Car Thief Stunned After Dash Cam Captures Him Mid-Theft

Cash Cam, Camera, Windshield, Car, Hand
Photo credit (Photo by Getty Images)

A woman in Beaverton, Oregon recently had his car broken into.

Thankfully, the woman had a dash cam installed in her car, and was able to get a clear picture of the thief.  

The camera’s light turned on after 10 seconds, and captured an amazing image of the thief in action, who was COMPLETELY caught off guard by the camera’s flash.

Obviously stunned by the camera, the thief made off with nothing.  The woman, who chose not to be identified since the assailant is still loose, said, “I just kept playing back the video cause it was just so funny.  I'm just glad that it's getting the attention that it's getting.”

Via ABC7